Vertical Milk Storage Tank

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Shripad Equipments is the Vertical Milk Storage Tank manufacturers in Chennai, suppliers, exporters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kochi. Our Vertical Milk Capacity Tanks come in numerous diverse sizes/capacities extending from 0.5Kl to 30KL with the assortment of distance across and tallness arrangements. Our Vertical storehouse tanks are utilized to store a extend of fluid items counting dairy items, drain, water, oil, wax, paint, chemicals, lager, and wine.

Our Tank structure is as a rule vertical sort or flat sort with mechanical blender, whereas moreover may be square, circular, or other shapes concurring to client necessities.

Being one of the most trusted Vertical Milk Storage Tank Manufacturers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kochi, we take the responsibility of meeting customer requirements genuinely. Each design that passes from our site will give our customers as per requirement. From Milk Processing Plant, Dairy Equipment to Automatic Pasteurizers, we have the best solutions to client. We maintain a business relationship for a long time and build trust so we give best service to our client.

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Our Vertical Milk Storage Tank boasts a spacious interior that accommodates large volumes of milk while keeping up with ideal temperature control throughout. The innovative insulation system ensures that your milk remains fresh, preserving its nutritional value and taste. Equipped with advanced monitoring and control systems, you can easily keep up with the ideal climate for your valuable dairy Products.

Worked with the highest-grade stainless steel Material, this tank guarantees exceptional durability, hygiene, and longevity with good quality. Its sleek and compact design maximizes floor space utilization, making it ideal for both small scale and large-scale dairy facilities. With simple to-utilize features and a user-friendly interface, our Vertical Milk Storage Tank simplifies the milk storage process, empowering you to focus on delivering the finest dairy products to your customers.

Try our Vertical Milk Storage Tank today and experience unparalleled milk storage efficiency, uncompromising quality, and seamless functionality.

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  • Milk/ Chhena Making
  • Chyawanprash making
  • Natural product preparing / Tomato ketchup
  • Softy ice cream
  • Sugar syrup making

What is Vertical Milk Storage Tank?

Vertical Milk capacity tanks also known as Storehouse are utilized for capacity of crude drain in bulk amount. Perfect for drain capacity where space is major issue.

We make Storehouse utilizing AISI 304. It has twofold walled protects coustruction and clean plan. Our tanks have puff cover for best temperature maintainance. Accessible within the capacities of 5KL, 10KL, 20KL, 30KL, 40KL, 60KL and 100KL.


1. S.S 304 (8% Nickel) Salem steel steam jacketed hemispherical pot

2. All fitting like ARV, SRV, item outlet valve, strainer, steam trap etc. are the parts of the pot

3. High quality ceramic insulations with SS cover.

4. Machine is fitted with adapted engine and stirrer with PTFE lined scrubber.


Product Name Vertical Milk Storage Tank
Brand Shripad Equipments
Storage Capacity 0-250 L, 250-500 L, 500-1000 L
Capacity 5000-10000 L
Equipment Type STEAM
Storage Material Milk
Tank Orientation Vertical
  • 1. What are insulated stainless steel milk storage tank?
    Vertical milk storage tanks are a type of milk storage tank that is designed to utilize vertical space efficiently. These tanks are typically tall and slender in shape stored in special containers known as milk storage tanks. These tanks can vary in size, with different capacities for holding milk.
  • 2. How many litres of milk can be stored in a tank?
    The capacity of a milk storage tank can vary depending on its size and, allowing for maximum storage capacity within a smaller footprint. The working mechanism of a vertical design. Tanks can range from small ones that hold a few hundred liters of milk to larger tanks that can store thousands of pipes and valves that control the inflow and outflow of milk. The exact capacity of a tank depends on the specific needs and requirements of the milk, following a first-in-first-out milk processing facility or dairy farm.

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