Lassi Processing Plant

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Shripad Equipments is the Lassi Processing Plant Manufacturers in Chennai, Suppliers, Exporters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kochi. Our Lassi Machine is durable and has various specifications for proper use. Our curd processing plants are specifically designed to ensure proper workflow and avoid interruptions during the process.

We are Manufacturer of Lassi Processing Plant which is also known as Automatic Lassi Plant, Lassi Making Plant, Lassi Making Machine from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kochi.

Exploring India's traditions reveals that there are many foods that the nation enjoys. These foods are also enjoyed by exotic people in Indian restaurants and homes they visit. Lassi is one of the traditional drinks served with every meal in India. Lassi making machines are used in homes and commercial establishments to achieve better lassi quality.

With perfectionism and professionalism, we offer a wide range of fermentation machines according to customer requirements. Our Lassi Processing Equipment has a great design and fits perfectly in your kitchen or restaurant.

Advantages of Lassi Processing Plant

  • Fresh and Good Quality Lassi
  • Can Be Used to Make Herbal Lassi
  • Promote Better Standards In Restaurants
  • Improved Hygiene
  • Save Time
  • 100% User Friendly
  • Continuous and Low Maintenance required

Lassi Making Machine In Chennai

Shripad Equipments offers a wide range of lassi machines approved to meet Indian dairy and dairy standards. A reliable machine with a sturdy stainless steel body that is both durable and attractive.

This machine can produce 4 liters of lassi at a time with less power. The sophisticated machine is perfect for any kind of lassi you want. It is made of alloys and stainless steel, which is harmless to the human body. The machine is fully secured to prevent leaks.

Our machines are less labor intensive, so no extra force is needed to fly the ingredients when making lassi. Even if damage occurs later, the machine can be repaired easily and cheaply.


  • 1. What is lassi and how it is obtained?
    Lassi is a popular traditional Indian beverage made by blending yogurt, water, and various flavorings. This meets the demand for this refreshing and nutritious drink.
  • 2. Name uses of lassi processing plant.?
    Lassi processing plants play a vital role in efficiently manufacturing and packaging lassi. They ensure quality and consistency, homogenize the yogurt, add flavorings and sweeteners, and maintain rigorous quality control. Lassi processing plants also provide employment opportunities and contribute to the hospitality industry and health and wellness sector.

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