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Shripad Equipments is the manufacturers, suppliers, exporters of Bulk Milk Cooler in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kochi. Our BMC machine for milk is equipped with high performance agitators and state-of-the-art cooling systems. Customized to your specific requirements, this refrigeration system features a hermetic compressor, control and safety features that make your bulk chiller extremely reliable and energy efficient.

We are Bulk Milk Cooler Manufacturers in Chennai, Stainless Steel Bulk Milk Cooler, SS Bulk Milk Cooler, Milk Chiller, Bulk Milk Chiller, Bulk Milk Storage Chiller, Milk Cooler, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kochi. and we provide our best quality product to customer.

Various options such as automatic cleaning systems, waste heat recovery and additional protection against difficult climatic conditions are available to meet specific customer requirements. Our Bulk milk chiller are useful for other applications such as mint oil crystallization, fruit juice and pulp cooling, and ice cream mix aging. Our range includes industrial water chillers, air cooling systems, water cooling systems and brine cooling systems.

Reliable features

  • Adopt DX cooling technology
  • Built-in antifreeze system
  • Energy efficient condensing unit
  • AISI-304 S.S. Tank with insulation material
  • Advanced digital temperature control
  • SS dip stripe engraving
  • Low Running Cost
  • High Standard of Milk Hygiene
  • Agitator ON/Off
  • Cooling On/Off
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Wide choice from 500 liters to 5000 liters
  • Specifications

    • Our BMC machine tanks (bulk milk cooling) have capacities up to 11,000 liters.
    • It features a large lid opening for easy access and rounded inner corners that facilitate thorough cleaning.
    • The tank is insulated with 50mm of factory injected polyurethane foam.
    • The integrated condensing unit is a closed type with refrigerant R22/R404.
    • By placing the condensing unit under the tank, we have achieved space savings.

    Working principle of Bulk Milk Cooler

    The working principle of the bulk milk cooler is very simple. In fact, BMCs have long been used to cool milk in milk processing plants such as milk cooling centers and milk collection centers. These large capacity bulk milk coolers are mainly used in large farms. We work with top customers and they are all satisfied with our milk cooler and give us the best reviews on how our dairy equipment works.


    • 1. What is a bulk milk chiller?
      A bulk milk chiller, also known as a bulk milk cooler, is a crucial piece of equipment commonly used in the dairy industry. Its primary purpose is to rapidly cool and store large quantities of milk, ensuring optimal preservation and quality.
    • 2. What are the components of bulk milk chiller?
      The components of a bulk milk chiller typically include a milk tank, a refrigeration system, and a control panel. The milk tank is where the milk is stored, and it is designed to maintain a stable temperature and prevent any contamination. The refrigeration system is responsible for rapidly cooling the milk inside the tank, often utilizing a combination of evaporator fans, compressors, and condensers. The control panel allows operators to monitor and adjust the temperature settings, ensuring efficient operation.
    • 3. How to use a milk cooler in BMC?
      To use a milk cooler in a bulk milk chiller, the milk is first transported into the tank and then the cooling process is initiated by activating the refrigeration system. It is vital to maintain the proper temperature throughout the cooling process to prevent the growth of bacteria and ensure the milk's freshness and safety. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the components are also crucial to prevent any malfunctions and maintain the chiller's efficiency.

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