Horizontal Milk Storage Tank

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Shripad Equipments is the Horizontal Milk Storage Tank manufacturers in Chennai, suppliers, exporters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kochi. We have effectively extended our range within the showcase owing to the advertised lifted quality of Horizontal Milk Capacity Tanks that are utilized to store the drain at the required temperature for longer lengths.

Horizontal Milk storage tank is use for cooling and preserving milk at low temperatures. The machine is made of stainless steel and is used for store raw milk. and we are Manufacturer Milk storage tanks according to the requirements of customer.

Our Tank is given with separator within the external coat to avoid the temperature from dropping. The tank can too be given with a slow-speed fomenter for regular blending of the milk. We are known for our quality items that meet the set parameters and determinations. Our items are often than not made of stainless steel and come totally different shapes and sizes depending on their reason.

Our Horizontal milk storage tank Manufacturers in Pune offer the best quality items at the foremost reasonable costs with a range of choices to suit your needs. It is ordinarily made of stainless steel or plastic that is safe to erosion and can be cleaned with water or cleansers. It can be either open or closed frameworks, which implies they can either have an air-tight top or an air-tight foot.


Horizontal Milk Storage Tanks also known as Milk Silo are utilized for storage of raw/pasteurised drain. The Tank and all other fittings which are in contact with milk are fabricated utilizing AISI 304.

External tanks are manufactured using AISI 304/202 or MS as per customer's necessity. Accessible within the capacities of 1KL, 2KL, 3KL, 5KL, 10KL, 15KL. 10KL and 15KL tanks are accessible in Single as well as Twofold compartments.

Our horizontal storage tanks are utilized in dairy plants for the capacity of crude, pasteurized or handled milk, between gathering and preparing in this most vital portion of any dairy plant.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Safe storage
  • Easy to install
  • Durable

Product Details

Product Name Horizontal Milk Storage Tank
Tank Orientation Type Horizontal
Brand Shripad Equipments
Operation Type Storage
Capacity (in KL) 1KL To 26KL
Usage Industrial
How to Select the Finest Horizontal Milk Storage Tank for Your Business Needs?

The choice in choosing the most excellent Level Drain Capacity Tank for your dairy cultivate trade needs depends on your needs: -

  • Your budget
  • Estimate of your crowd
  • Climate conditions
  • Area of your cultivate

Our Milk tanks are outlined to be introduced on a level plane, which makes them simple to clean and keep up. It can store up to five times more than the conventional vertical tanks. The plan too permits for less demanding get to the put away item, which makes a difference reudce decay and contamination risks.

  • 1. How milk storage tank works?
    A milk storage tank stores large quantities of milk in a safe and hygienic manner. It is made of stainless steel and comes in different sizes. The milk is cooled down and transferred into the tank, where it is constantly agitated to maintain its homogeneity.
  • 2. Name the uses of horizontal milk storage tank.
    Horizontal tanks provide easy access and facilitate cleaning. These also have safety features such as temperature monitoring and insulation. The tanks are crucial in maintaining the integrity and freshness of the milk.

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