CIP System with Accessories

CIP System with Accessories Manufacturers in Chennai/ Clean in Place System, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kochi

CIP System with Accessories Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters In Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kochi

Shripad Equipments are Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters of CIP System with Accessories in Chennai, Industrial CIP System with Accessories, CIP System, Clean in Place System, CIP Accessories, Automatic CIP System, Fully Automatic CIP System, Clean in Place Systems, Automated CIP System from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kochi. Our Clean in Place system includes Acid, Lyre, & Hot Water Tank accessories which can also be customized according to our client needs.

Industries we serve: -

  • Food & Beverage (Food Process Plant)
  • CIP Cleaning in Dairy Industry
  • Brewery
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Drug Industry
  • Dairy Plant Equipment,
  • Chemical Process Plant,
  • Storage Tanks

What is CIP system?

CIP cleaning systems are mechanical cleaning methods that remove residue from entire process plants, fittings, tanks, and piping circuits. This automatic process of cleaning-in-place (CIP) systems is performed without disassembling or opening the system.

The primary purpose of Clean-in-Place (CIP) systems is to clean product contact surfaces to a specified cleanliness level by passing chemical solutions (cleaners and disinfectants) and rinse water. Our CIP system ensures that operators do not come into direct contact with hazardous chemicals or enter confined areas.

How does the CIP system work?

CIP systems are an effective combination of high solution temperature (thermal energy) and cleaning agent/chemical chemical activity (chemical energy). It also involves mechanical action (mechanical energy) caused by the impact of turbulence and sprays/jets of cleaning fluid on equipment surfaces.

CIP process steps are performed after normal contamination-causing processing runs or when the processing line switches from one product to another. There is typically a seven-step CIP process, which includes steps such as: -

  • Pre-Rinse
  • Caustic Cleaning
  • Pickling
  • Intermediate Wash
  • Last Wash
  • Disinfectant Rinse
  • Air Blast

Features of our Acid, Lyre, & Hot Water Tank

  • Reliable components
  • Modular structure and easy integration into existing systems
  • PLC-based fully automatic system
  • Precise control of the most important parameters: temperature, time, flow rate and concentration
  • Flexibility to connect with various automation systems
  • Optimize caustic, acid, water, and steam consumption
  • 100% dewatering
  • Easy to use and independent of operator skill

CIP System with Accessories & Components

  • Acid, Lye, & Hot water Tanks
  • Centrifugal supply pump
  • Suction, return valves & piping
  • Waster addition assembly
  • Discharge strainer
  • Shell & tube heat exchanger
  • Instrumentation and automated controls
  • Chemical feed equipment
Advantages of using CIP system

Minimize errors: Automating cleaning reduces the risk of human error that can result in unsafe product.

Protect your employees: Retaining cleaning fluids within the system reduces chemical exposure.

Increased production time: Less production time is spent cleaning, so more time is spent making products.

Product quality: Reliable and repeatable cleaning means maintaining product quality and consistency. Less pollution means fewer product recalls and greater brand confidence. Energy savings: Repeatable cycle control reduces water and energy consumption.


  • 1. What is CIP system?
    The CIP system, also known as Cleaning in Place, is a crucial process employed in various industries, including the pharmaceutical industry. This system is utilized to clean and sanitize equipment and pipelines that come to contact with the products being manufactured, such as medications, vaccines, and other pharmaceutical products. CIP is highly significant in the pharmaceutical industry, as it helps to maintain the integrity and quality of the products, as well as ensuring compliance with strict hygiene and safety regulations.
  • 2. How CIP is treated in Pharmaceutical industry?
    In the pharmaceutical industry, the CIP process involves a series of automated steps that are designed to remove any contaminants, residues, or impurities from the equipment without requiring disassembly or manual cleaning. This not only saves time and minimizes production downtime but also reduces the risk of human error and contamination.
    The CIP system typically comprises a closed-loop network of pipelines, valves, pumps, and tanks, which are connected to the equipment that needs cleaning. The cleaning solution, which can be a combination of water, detergents, and disinfectants, is continuously circulated through these circuits using centrifugal pumps. The cleaning solution is heated and passes through various contact points within the system, effectively removing any contaminants.

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