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Shripad Equipments is the Juice Processing Plant manufacturers in Chennai, suppliers, exporters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kochi. We manufacture and install beverage and fruit juice processing plants and juice processing machines. We supply fruit juice manufacturing plant including sugar syrup preparation, juice remixing/blending, storage, homogenization, pasteurization, bottling and packaging.

The Juice production process differs from factory to factory. Juices can be made from fresh fruits, vegetables, concentrates, frozen fruit pastes, or sterile mixes. When producing from fresh fruit, all equipment used for storing, selecting, washing, and extracting fruits and vegetables must be suitable. This means that a separate fruit juice production line is required for fresh fruit and vegetable extraction.

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1. Automatic disinfectant concentration control system. Effectively guarantee the sterilization effect and control the disinfection residue.

2. Efficient crushers have improved high yields of apples and pears.

3. Use efficient belt juicer to improve juice efficiency and output rate.

4. Low temperature vacuum evaporation greatly reduces flavor and nutrient loss. 5. Tubular UHT sterilizers and aseptic filling machines are isolated from bacterial contamination, ensuring food safety, and extending product shelf life.

5. A complete production set with a self-CIP system reduces labor and ensures a high level of hygiene.

Complete set of Juice Processing Plant: -

1. Fruit Conveyor

2. Fruit Washing Machine

3. Chopping Machine / Mash Preparation

4. Juice Extracting Machine-Belt Press, Vibroscreener

5. Juice Mixing Tank / Enzymatic Treatment

6. Separator: Disc centrifuge and Solid bowl centrifuge / Ultra filtration

7. Preheating Machine

8. Juice Evaporator

9. Juice Sterilization & Aseptic Filling Machine / Juice Bottle Filling


  • 1. What are the stages of fruit juice processing?
    Fruit juice processing involves several stages in order to produce a high-quality and safe product. The first stage is fruit selection, where ripe and high-quality fruits are chosen based on their appearance, taste, and nutritional content. After that, the fruits go through washing and sorting, where any dirt, residue, or damaged parts are removed to ensure cleanliness.

    The next stage is extraction, where the fruits are crushed or pressed to extract the juice.

    Once the juice is extracted, it undergoes clarification, which involves removing any solid particles or impurities. This can be done through filtration or centrifugation.

    The juice then goes through pasteurization, where it is heated to a specific temperature to kill any harmful bacteria or microorganisms. This helps to extend the shelf life of the juice. After pasteurization, the juice is often concentrated, where the water content is reduced to make transportation and storage more efficient. Finally, the juice is packaged into containers, such as bottles or cartons, and labeled for distribution.
  • 2. How fruit juice industry is growing?
    The fruit juice industry has seen significant growth in recent years due to factors like consumer awareness, technological advancements, and availability of new flavors. People are increasingly choosing natural and healthy beverage options, leading to increased production and consumption of fruit juices. The industry is thriving by meeting the evolving preferences of health-conscious consumers.

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