Stainless Steel Storage Tank

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Shripad Equipments is the leading stainless steel storage tank manufacturers in Chennai, Suppliers, exporters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kochi. Our stainless steel (SS) tanks are fabricated with the best SS storage tank qualities (Nourishment review steel 304 or 316 / 316L) to prevent erosion, accomplishing the specified resistance, harshness and quality.

We are Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters of Stainless Steel Storage Tank, SS Storage Tank, Stainless Steel Tanks, SS Tanks from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kochi. and we provide our best quality product to customer as per requirement.

We too have SS tanks, continuously full or with fomenter that incorporate: propeller fomenters, clearing, double tall slant etc. as well as routine coat tanks, for huge weight, dimple, or for plate or half pipe coils.

We are ready to create a wide assortment of mechanical tanks ranging from 1,000 cubic meters to 300,000 cubic meters totally different arrangements: coat, single divider vertical, cone shaped foot, level foot, protects, with or without instigator, CIP, and numerous others.


  • High quality
  • Great erosion resistance
  • High resistance to push erosion splitting
  • High disintegration resistance
  • Low warm development
  • High weariness resistance
  • Great weldability
  • High vitality absorption
  • Great weight and taken a cost saving potential


  • Process industry capacity tanks
  • Storage tank terminals
  • Nourishment & wine tanks
  • Weight vessels
  • Street tankers
  • Cryogenic tanks


  • Give High Flexibility- It could be an exceedingly formable fabric that can be bowed, rolled and formed to suit your custom needs. Tanks made from stainless steel can be planned in a wide assortment of distances across, lengths and statures, giving you adaptability in plan.
  • Reasonable, Economical and Safe- Due to its tall resistance and toughness, this type of tanks for mechanical capacity encompasses an exceptionally long life expectancy that can be expanded in case appropriate support is carried out.
  • Environment Friendly- Another awesome advantage of this sort of tank is that once their lifetime is over, they can be reused without any issue.
  • Superior Resistance to Sudden Temperature- Changes Stainless steel is additionally popular for its capacity to resist extraordinary temperatures without compromising the vessel or the put away materials. In expansion, tanks can be strengthened to resist weight or protects to avoid temperature changes from influencing put away fluids or solids.
  • Ease to Handle- Not at all like cement tanks, a stainless steel tank can be effectively dismantled for transport and reconditioning in another plant of the bunch. Stainless steel tanks are simple to clean, sterile, and conservative capacity options. These are exceedingly safe to erosion compared to other capacity frameworks. This makes them idealize for the capacity of perilous substances.


  • 1. Is stainless steel a good material for storage tanks?
    Stainless steel is indeed a highly suitable material for storage tanks due to its impressive characteristics. With its excellent corrosion resistance, it can effectively withstand harsh environments and ensure the integrity of the tank's contents. Stainless steel is also known for its thermal stability and high strength, making it a reliable choice for storing various substances, including chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food products, and even liquids in industrial processes.
  • 2. What types of storage tanks are available?
    When it comes to storage tanks, several types are available to cater to different needs and industries. One common type is the vertical storage tank, which has a vertical orientation and is typically used for storing liquids such as water, oil, or chemicals. These tanks efficiently utilize space, making them ideal for areas with limited room.
    Another type is the horizontal storage tank, which, as the name suggests, has a horizontal design. These tanks are commonly found in industries that require transportation and distribution of liquids, such as the oil and gas industry. Their wide base allows for enhanced stability during transportation and ensures efficient handling.

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