Road Milk Tanker

Road Milk Tanker

Shripad Equipments is one of the trusted Road Milk Tanker manufacturer, supplier, exporter in Salem. We are a trusted name that has been associated with quality products and services. The Road Milk Tanker suppliers and exporters in Salem offer the high-quality Road Milk Tanker that help our clients increase the milk storage. We also provide installation services for our clients as well as after sales service for their existing products.

Why prefer us?

  • Our Road Milk Tanker suppliers/exporters in Salem Tamilnadu offer the excellent customer service, quality products and low-cost pricing with quick delivery.
  • We offer our customers with the certified quality products at competitive price.
  • Road Milk Tanker products meet the standards set by the government to ensure safety while transporting milk.
  • We also have a team of skilled professionals who work 24 hours to ensure that your order is delivered on time and in perfect condition.

Advantages: Road Milk Tanker

  • Time savings: The truck can save up to 60 hours of driving time per day, which means less driving and more time with family or friends.
  • Less pollution: The truck uses natural gas rather than diesel fuel, so it reduces air pollution in cities by around 80%.
  • Better quality: The milk is delivered fresh and cleans because it doesn't have to travel on long trips before reaching customers' homes.
  • Longer shelf life: can be shipped from a farm to the truck and then delivered, so it does not need to travel long distances before reaching customers.

Significance: Road Milk Tanker

The features of Road Milk Tanker are that it has a large tank capacity and a hydraulic pump that can be used for loading and unloading the milk. The Road Milk Tanker Capacity is 1.5KL To 34kl It is primarily designed to reduce the fuel consumption by up to 30% compared with traditional trucks. It has attachments like refrigerators and freezers that can keep milk fresh, and also features like automatic dispensers that can fill bottles in seconds.

Industries we serve:

  • Dairy
  • Manufacturing
  • Food & beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics, etc.

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