Vetical Milk Storage Tank (VMST)

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What is our specialty?

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An overview: Vertical Milk Storage Tank

Vertical Milk Storage Tank is a container that holds milk in a sealed environment. This type of tank is ideal for people who don't have a refrigerator or freezer in their home. It is designed to store the milk vertically, which helps maintain the quality of milk and facilitates easy handling. It has many benefits, including easy access for when you need to use it and the ability to dispense fresh milk into your container.

Product Details: Vertical Milk Storage Tank

Product Name Vertical Milk Storage Tank
Tank Orientation Type Vertical
Brand Shripad Equipments
Material Type Stainless Steel
Capacity (in KL) 1KL To 26KL
Usage Industrial

What are the Benefits of Vertical Milk Storage Tank?

  • The benefits of Vertical Milk Storage Tank manufacturers, suppliers, exporters in Salem are that it has a smaller footprint than horizontal tanks and can be stacked on top of each other, which saves space in warehouses.
  • It also has a larger capacity than horizontal tanks which helps in the better management of milk and makes an effective way to increase production.
  • In addition to being cost effective, it also provides an efficient way of storing milk and providing it to the market at the right time.

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